Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Serengeti Summit Sunglasses

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Serengeti Summit Sunglasses are stylish and have a lightweight and durable plastic frame. The Summit line features a saddle nose bridge for extreme comfort. Serengeti Sunglasses have scratch-impact resistant glass lenses that adjust to light changes in the environment. Serengeti Sunglasses ensure 100% UV protection & superb optical clarity. They come in size: 60.5-11.5-120 mm and offer the ultimate protection to lighting conditions that cause eye strain and fatigue.

Serengeti Summit Sunglasses are now a must-have commodity for all age groups of people starting from tiny tots and exuberant youth to responsible middle-aged adults and retiring old citizens. Thanks to the phenomenon of global warming and some other climatic changes, the world is becoming hotter and hotter day by day. As a result, harmful sun rays and other chemical substances in the atmosphere have an adverse impact on your eyes. To deal with this crisis, Serengeti sunglasses offer some innovative and breakthrough products that have taken the fashion world by storm.

The uniqueness of Serengeti’s lies in their suitability and adaptability to various extreme conditions like extremely cold climate of high altitudes, sultry conditions of deserts and dusty metropolitan roads. Serengeti sunglasses are created with outdoor environmental factors in mind: high levels of light and probability of impact. When engaging in Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking, Serengeti sun glasses meet the mandatory demands in eyewear such as shock resistance, anti-scratch, anti-fog, polarized lenses and flexibility in the frames.

For minimum glare Serengeti’s sunglasses can not be beat. You choose your lens color that will ultimately improve depth perceptions and clarity in the outdoors. Its products lead the industry standards in creating optical protection wear for world-class athletes. That same optimum expectation is produced for the rest of us who are active in the great outdoors. Celebrities from around the world, especially film personalities from Hollywood have been strong advocates of Serengeti.

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